It’s the “hustle and the bustle” of the holiday season as we begin the final week before Christmas.  A time where many people are in a rush to finish checking off their lists or still looking to find the most perfect gift.  We’re wrapping presents, baking, prepping for meals, and oh so much more. That doesn’t include the infinite number of other tasks we tend to impose upon ourselves during the weeks or months leading up to this significant event. It’s as though Christmas, and even every other day, is more about getting things done than it is about taking time to truly enjoy life.

As unfortunate as it is, sometimes it’s a major life-altering event that causes us to pause and count our blessings.  But, why wait for a good reason to slow down and make time for the people we care for?  Being intentional about it now would be better than not having it and wishing we had.

“I know that people need a good excuse to get together,” says Rhonda Sprecher, owner of Don’t Spill the Beans. “That’s why I decided to open the coffee shop, and I don’t even drink coffee,” she says. Sprecher knew that people would come for the coffee and provided an inviting space for them to stay for the conversation. Since opening in 2010, Don’t Spill the Beans has offered countless events and opportunities for people to come together.

As a mother and grandmother, Sprecher knows that the holidays can be overwhelming,”especially for young moms”. Social media inundates us with scores of what used to be the Christmas cards and letters from those who seemingly have perfectly accomplished all of their holiday to-do’s. We tend to put expectations upon ourselves based on what we see others posting online. “I know what it’s like to want the holidays to be perfect for your children and loved ones,” says Sprecher. “But, what they truly care about and remember the most is our presence, not necessarily the most perfect presents. If I could offer some of my best advice this season, it is to not sweat the small stuff and just take the time to enjoy life.” So, if you’re still looking, perhaps that is the most perfect gift this year.

The Bean Gang wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The perfect Christmas Gift

One of Sprecher’s daughters, Paige Shumake with her three children visiting Santa at Don’t Spill the Beans.